Hello friends of the Primary Classroom! We are happy to have made it through a busy holiday season and be back with our students. They are digging in to so much good work in recent weeks. The level of concentration and gusto for the works is shining through each day and it has been such a joy to see all the excitement of our growing students.

As the start of our new year arrived we shifted our focus from the universe to the study of our planet earth and the air,land, and water features of our home planet. More specifically we have created a continent shelf in the room where students can find works to learn all about the seven continents. Students of all ages can be found could be pin poking continent shapes, using the 3-part cards to learn about the continents and land forms, or  doing hands on sink-or-float experiments.

In other areas of the room students can be found beading, cutting and tracing, using the geometric cabinet to create large illustrated story sheets, working through addition booklets, and building words with the moveable alphabet. We are also so pleased to be able to learn different styles of music with Mr Matthew and to have started our afternoon dance lessons with Ms Heidi! We will be incorporating African styles into these experiences as well as we being our African continent study this week.

During our group circle meetings we have been focusing on the topic of responsibility, grace, and courtesy! We are seeing the children become much more independent dressers and caretakers of the space. As the winter continues we hope you focus on fostering their independence at home as well. Thank you for your continued communication and enthusiasm for Montessori.

– Miss Yolie