The Lower Elementary classroom is rockin’ with energy and drive! The children are settling into the daily routines and working hard. Our morning visits to the track give us a wonderful way to start the day as students can begin their work time with a calm focus. Additionally, pushing back our recess break has allowed the children a longer uninterrupted work period. We’re seeing a tremendous amount of fabulous work!


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Each year we begin our cultural studies with the “Big Bang,” the first of the five “Great Lessons.” This is an impressionistic lesson filled with a variety of science experiments. (And it happens to be one of my favorites!) The presentation initiates our study of the universe—and we have even “visited” the eight planets in our solar system! We are beginning to discuss creation stories from around the world and will soon shift to when life appeared on Earth. The second years are focusing on the relationship between the sun and the Earth while the third years are studying the composition of the Earth.

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There has been terrific excitement from many of the students around reading! When Ms. Lori comes to read with the class, the kids beg her to read with them next. I so appreciate everyone’s diligence about returning the black reading folders on Mondays and Thursdays. It makes it much easier to fill the folders and support the growing hunger to read.

Finally, we would like to introduce and welcome our new bird, Neptune, to the classroom.  Skya and Neptune are quickly becoming close friends!


As the fall progresses, we are eager to continue our energetic beginning to our Montessori studies.