The Elementary room is buzzing with excitement.  The students are very enthusiastic about our continent study of Asia. In addition, they are focused upon their steady progress through the core Montessori materials.  Our study of invertebrates has evolved into a research project in which pairs of children are creating posters and presenting them to their classmates. Please keep an eye out for these posters which will soon be on display.  
The 3rd and 4th year students are studying the presidents. They are working with timelines, learning about various presidents, and selecting a particular president to research.  Money has also been a topic of study these days. The class is learning about the value of money, how to count money, and how to make change with hands on experience during our monthly bake sales.  
Getting out into the community has been a priority for us as well.  We are making monthly trips to the library for research and enjoyment. Our class just paid a visit to the Missoula Art Museum to see the incredible work of local Montana artist, John Buck.  The children have become very comfortable riding the bus and navigating downtown.  Our next field trip will be to Pattee Creek Market where the students will put their money skills to work, purchasing items for the upcoming bake sale.  
In the coming weeks we’ll continue our continent study of Asia, researching the fundamental needs of people there, exploring the water and landforms of the continent, and studying the plants and animals which live in it’s various biomes.   
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