Our focus over the last month has been the United States of America. We have learned about and located various water and landforms, talked about the different biomes, viewed the flags of each state, and discussed U.S. history. The students have each selected a state and are currently gathering information for their state report that will be presented to the class next week.


Time and money are our hot new topics of study in the math area. The students are learning the parts of the clock and reading “half past” and “quarter to.” Older students are discussing elapsed time. Our first years are learning about the value of money, the second years are counting money and making change, and the third years are working with money using the various operations. One example includes viewing several menus and then creating a menu of their own to order from.


Our eBay business is in full swing, and we are excited to announce we have already sold three items and have another one pending.   The children are thrilled about all the preparatory work that goes into listing an item: taking pictures, finding measurements, and writing the descriptions. We are even marking on our classroom map where each item is being shipped.  Thank you for all of the items that have been donated and we would appreciate and benefit from any additional clothing our household items that are no longer being put to use.