Last week both elementary classes enjoyed a remarkable showing at the planetarium. The students have learned so much information about the planets and other objects in our solar system.  They constantly amaze me!  We will continue our studies as we shift our focus to the Earth’s moon and numerous constellations in the night sky.  

Our first years are beginning to work with fractions; they are learning that wholes–like an apple–cn be divided into smaller, equal parts.  The second years are studying circles and their various parts, while our third years have begun their work with angles.


The class’s zoology and botany studies are underway as we get to work exploring living and non-living objects, and we research different vertebrates and invertebrates.  As the leaves continue to blanket the ground we are taking advantage of these close-up views of the varying shapes and vein patterns.  

nellie-oct         caleb-fall

Our trips over the hills and through the woods have been both enjoyable and educational.  No one made a single complaint as we strolled for four miles in cold temperatures into the North Hills. This impressive feat was as amazing as the students’ knowledge of the solar system!