Friends of the primary classroom, thank you for a wonderful beginning to the school year. It has been lovely to experience an incoming group accustomed to entering school with such ease and comfort from the very beginning. The start of any school year, especially in a Primary classroom, is full of lessons on the norms of the school day and the expectations of the classroom. Many of your children may be coming home talking about how they did “works” in the classroom, singing the rug rolling song, talking about their daily cleaning job, or performing some of the many songs which accompany our gathering circles and group meeting times. Some of the most sought after works have been cutting and gluing, table setting, the Pink Tower, bead stair addition, and the sound boxes.

The beginning of the year is such a precious time. We teachers are carefully observing each child’s interests and needs, as well as watching them make sense of their new environment and the classroom community. Thank you for supporting them in their joy and independence each day, as well as preparing them for all manners of upcoming fall weather. It seems like we moved right from smoke to rain! As a class, we really value our outside play time, so we strive to dress for the weather in order to be playful as much as possible.

In the upcoming weeks we will begin our small group afternoon gardening curriculum, Wednesday morning music time, and our Thursday afternoon reading groups and art lessons. More information will be coming out shortly. We thank you for your involvement and support. Please do not hesitate to communicate via the parent binder, e mail, or by touching base with me after school each day.


-Miss Yolie