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October in the Primary


October is upon us here in the Primary Classroom and the students of Garden City Montessori are settling in beautifully. The changing of the seasons has brought about a big change in our students, and we see them become more and more accustomed to the culture of the Montessori classroom each day. In the past few weeks there has been a noticeable shift in how the students are able to come in and choose their work independently, and work for sustained and happy amounts of time. There is so much good work happening in the classroom including potato scrubbing, leaf rubbing, geometric cabinet shape books, metal inset monsters, addition booklets, and extensive work with the sandpaper letters and vowel boxes. It is so lovely to see the children find their way comfortably around the abundance of works and engagements. They really seem as though they are at home, and happy to explore the classroom each and everyday.

This month we have begun to delve into the topic of space! Montessori emphasizes a cosmic approach to education, and the children are enthralled while learning about their place in the universe. Their awe and zeal is invigorating, and each day we have had a new lesson on space, beginning with the Milky Way galaxy. This is truly a time to inspire wonder! Ask your child to share the “Family of the Sun” song with you. You will not be disappointed.

Outside the classroom, autumn has been an incredibly active time. We are so thankful for Ms Kailey and the time she spends in the garden with the children, digging, harvesting, and exploring. The falling leaves have been a huge draw for the children, and we spent time earlier this month talking about the changing of the seasons and frolicking in the mounds of leaves at our nearby Boyd Park. We have also had the opportunity to swim at the YMCA through our weekly swim lessons . The children have been so brave and courageous in their swimming pursuits. Overall, the class loves these swim lessons and are truly impressive how they work so hard to get dressed independently! Thank you for preparing your children each week for swim lessons and encouraging their participation. We could not do it without the numerous volunteers who assist with the walk and the changing process. Your help is deeply appreciated.

Upcoming this month is our Halloween Family Celebration on Tuesday October 31st. We will be singing songs and dancing with the ever musical Mr. Matthew.  See the newsletter for details!

Thank you again for all the work you do with your children. They are a delightful group, and it has been wonderful to witness their grow in community and exploration.


Miss Yolie

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Back to School: September with the Primary Students

Friends of the primary classroom, thank you for a wonderful beginning to the school year. It has been lovely to experience an incoming group accustomed to entering school with such ease and comfort from the very beginning. The start of any school year, especially in a Primary classroom, is full of lessons on the norms of the school day and the expectations of the classroom. Many of your children may be coming home talking about how they did “works” in the classroom, singing the rug rolling song, talking about their daily cleaning job, or performing some of the many songs which accompany our gathering circles and group meeting times. Some of the most sought after works have been cutting and gluing, table setting, the Pink Tower, bead stair addition, and the sound boxes.

The beginning of the year is such a precious time. We teachers are carefully observing each child’s interests and needs, as well as watching them make sense of their new environment and the classroom community. Thank you for supporting them in their joy and independence each day, as well as preparing them for all manners of upcoming fall weather. It seems like we moved right from smoke to rain! As a class, we really value our outside play time, so we strive to dress for the weather in order to be playful as much as possible.

In the upcoming weeks we will begin our small group afternoon gardening curriculum, Wednesday morning music time, and our Thursday afternoon reading groups and art lessons. More information will be coming out shortly. We thank you for your involvement and support. Please do not hesitate to communicate via the parent binder, e mail, or by touching base with me after school each day.


-Miss Yolie


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Winter in the Primary Classroom

Hello friends of the Primary Classroom! We are happy to have made it through a busy holiday season and be back with our students. They are digging in to so much good work in recent weeks. The level of concentration and gusto for the works is shining through each day and it has been such a joy to see all the excitement of our growing students.

As the start of our new year arrived we shifted our focus from the universe to the study of our planet earth and the air,land, and water features of our home planet. More specifically we have created a continent shelf in the room where students can find works to learn all about the seven continents. Students of all ages can be found could be pin poking continent shapes, using the 3-part cards to learn about the continents and land forms, or  doing hands on sink-or-float experiments.

In other areas of the room students can be found beading, cutting and tracing, using the geometric cabinet to create large illustrated story sheets, working through addition booklets, and building words with the moveable alphabet. We are also so pleased to be able to learn different styles of music with Mr Matthew and to have started our afternoon dance lessons with Ms Heidi! We will be incorporating African styles into these experiences as well as we being our African continent study this week.

During our group circle meetings we have been focusing on the topic of responsibility, grace, and courtesy! We are seeing the children become much more independent dressers and caretakers of the space. As the winter continues we hope you focus on fostering their independence at home as well. Thank you for your continued communication and enthusiasm for Montessori.

– Miss Yolie

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Primary Classroom Happenings- October






Fall is upon us at Garden City Montessori, and the primary classroom is in full swing enjoying the season. We have spent many afternoons frolicking in the golden foliage at Boyd Park, creating leaf rubbing works in our art section, collecting seeds from the garden, and even baking bread.
This month we began our group swimming lessons at the YMCA. It is such a treat to have a swimming facility nearby, and during the drizzly fall afternoons our trips to the pool are a wonderful release of energy! We are grateful to our families for preparing the children for swimming, and we also extend our thanks to our volunteers who make the transition possible. Seeing the children grow in their comfort and joy in the water has been delightful.
As we move throughout the Montessori year, we have made it a priority to focus on a different virtue each month. Our aspirations are to help the students grow in their care and respect for one another. This month we have concentrated on the virtue of kindness, and we often discuss what it looks like to be a kind friend in word and action. One of the memorable moments this month occurred when students were asked to give a compliment to another child before they were dismissed to lunch. It was heartwarming to hear what our young students appreciate about each other. We spend our days with truly sweet and loving children.
This month we are focusing on the author Eric Carle, the creator and illustrator of such books as Brown Bear, Brown Bear, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and The Nonsense Book.  Our library is full of his works, and many of our children are enjoying his recognizable style. Our reading of A House for Hermit Crab inspired a tracing and cutting work that permeated the classroom for a creative afternoon.
In the realm of cultural studies we have started our exploration of space! This is such an amazing unit which fascinates students of all ages in the primary classroom. We will spend a few weeks learning about our universe, our place within the galaxy, and the celestial bodies such as stars and planets. This unit lends itself perfectly to other areas of the classroom such as language and art, and it forms the basis for the continent studies throughout the rest of the year.
Upcoming is the start of our leveled reading program, and we are excited for this weekly event. We know our primary children will love the opportunity to work on their language skills with the older students. In the coming weeks we will continue to deepen our engagement with the works, focus on the norms of the classroom, and foster a sense of independent calm and concentration.
We see so many wonderful things happening daily and are enjoying the productive and peaceful work cycle budding in our classroom community!

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